Together 11.2.21 Special Edition

July 13, 2022 | Nancy Van Epps

A Letter from Head of School Abby Hall Choi

Dear Families,

Last week, in a school-wide drive led by the Kindergarten class, Mustard Seed collected 1,780 baby food jars for our Hoboken neighbors in need. Managing the collection, a defining moment for Kindergarten students for as long as I have been with the school, introduces young children to an integral principle of Mustard Seed.

We put our faith in action.

Students and teachers participated in AIDS marches in the early 1980s. We raised awareness for hunger and children’s rights by protesting at the United Nations. Our chorus performed at a prison fence for the Bosnian refugees housed on the other side. Commitment to actively making the world a better place is grounded in our DNA and in our founders’ intention.


The two new Chairs will address the following questions:

  • In what ways might God be calling our school to grow?

  • How are we to change in this next season of our history?

  • How will we teach our children about Christ’s call for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging?
    What does authentic diversity look like?

Possessing a diverse community of learners and staff will not ensure that authentic diversity and reconciliation blossom. Effective training and wise leadership are essential as we maneuver through the challenges of racism, prejudice, assumptions, and hurt. As we celebrate our differences, worship will continue to strengthen community.

Growing into the school we want to become, we will better know God’s love and God’s creativity and creation as we know each child better–as we know ourselves better. We will know better as a school and we will do better.

Jessica and Tania are uniquely positioned and qualified to lead us into who we will become. They both love this school, know our roots, and possess the foresight to direct us where we want to go.

During their five-year tenure, they will envision and help grow our systems, practices and experiences around DEIB, and Worship. They will address the priority of attracting and retaining excellent teaching professionals and making the highest quality curriculum available to students. They will encourage further development in their specialty areas, promoting creativity, problem-solving, and innovation in processes and procedures that are beautiful, elegant, and thoughtfully-designed. And in the fifth year of the chair, they will work with the Head of School and Leadership Team to determine the next chair holder.

As I conclude with our second grade students playing in harmony, please join me in congratulating Jessica and Tania!

Peace to you,


Nancy Van Epps

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