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A Christian elementary school devoted to growing intelligent, compassionate, service-minded individuals.

Mustard Seed School creates change makers driven to make the world a better place.

Since it was established in 1979, Mustard Seed School has been committed to producing bright creative thinkers and empathetic ethical citizens who live to serve. Over the years, we have successfully shaped the next generation of change makers in our community of Hoboken, N.J., and beyond. Our students know their purpose and approach their lives and work with meaning. From rocket science, to serving in politics, to providing for homeless, runaway, and trafficked youth, our alumni make a difference in their communities with compassion, faith, service, and intelligence. Learn more facts and statistics about the students who graduate from Mustard Seed School.


Mustard Seed School teaches each child to know and care for their community and God’s world. Together we inspire minds, cultivate hearts, and remove barriers.

Core Commitments

We educate the whole child:

We are committed to the highest quality of education through academics, arts, faith, and service.

We are a learning community. We build classroom communities where students understand that they live lives of meaning and purpose. We nurture connection, curiosity, and risk-taking. Learning together is full of joy and beauty.

We believe in creating unity as we embrace diversity. By engaging with our differences, we teach our students to genuinely know themselves, their neighbors, and the world.

Our students become compassionate advocates who care for their communities and world.

We are rooted in the Christian faith:

Mustard Seed is a Christian school that welcomes families of all faiths and backgrounds.

We gather for community worship daily and see each child as a beloved child of God. We teach our students that all are loved and valued.

Together we care for God’s world.

We remove barriers

We provide equitable access to excellent education.

We remove financial barriers. We serve students from across the socio-economic spectrum. We especially welcome those with the least.

We remove barriers to learning. Teachers work to engage diverse learners. We celebrate each child’s gifts and support each child’s challenges to develop understanding.

Note: The Mustard Seed School Mission Statement and Core Commitments were adopted by the Board of Trustees on January 17, 2019

Progressive Educational Philosophy

Mustard Seed School takes a unique, multi-faceted approach to education that integrates academics with thematic learning, service, faith, and the arts. By doing so, we shape creative thinkers, strong communicators, and self-directed individuals who know how to learn and care for their communities.

Welcoming Christian Focus

All aspects of the Mustard Seed School community are rooted in the Christian faith. Our welcoming approach to faith teaches all of our children that they are loved and valued as a child of God.

Whole Child Approach

Here, we ensure your child will receive a holistic, well-rounded education that nurtures both their mind and soul. This means academics will be just as important as their social-emotional learning — fostered by their involvement in service, faith, and the arts.

Community Focused Culture

Mustard Seed School’s culture is like none other. We focus on growing together in a diverse, joy-filled community, where every child is known and celebrated. In our safe, nurturing space, students are able to wonder in discovery and learning.

The Future of Mustard Seed School

It’s been more than 40 years since Mustard Seed School opened its basement doors to 16 students. Today, 185 students enter our classrooms every morning. Many things have changed. Many things remain the same. In this ambitious strategic plan, we look to the future and the continual growth of the Mustard Seed School community. We reaffirm our commitment to the highest level of education, the students and families we serve, and our identity as a community of faith. Download the “Thriving Roots and Flourishing Branches: Strategic Plan 2018-2023.”

Mustard Seed School.

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