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Growing Expert Learners

A progressive educational philosophy that educates the whole child.

Our holistic, collaborative, arts-infused approach to learning makes us unique and prepares students for all aspects of their future.


Beyond the core subjects, our students master lifelong learning skills: critical thinking. Reflecting. And asking the right questions.

Thematic Learning

Our student-centered learning integrates themes of study that often involve extended projects. This allows students to dive deep in understanding and take ownership of their learning.

Music & Art

Because of our focus on creative expression, our students not only develop a love for the arts — they learn to use artistic expression to interpret and comment on the world around them.

Beyond the Classroom

Throughout the year, students discover and explore beyond the classroom in urban and natural environments. They go to museums. Outdoor education programs. Hikes. Walking trips. And older students go on overnight trips.


We emphasize social and emotional growth as much as we do academic growth. This allows students to learn about the others. Themselves. And how to thrive in community.


At Mustard Seed School, we ground all aspects of our learning in the Christian faith. And we encourage students to explore this faith across all disciplines.

At the heart of our academics is teaching for understanding.

We use rigorous standards to guide our curriculum design and focus on teaching for understanding. Teachers are constantly assessing and designing curriculum so that students achieve a deep understanding. Students transfer understanding into other subject areas, creating breadth as well as depth. Teaching and learning is a dance between teachers and students.

Teachers are partners. Nurturers. And guides. Students are active participants. Questioners. Creators. Collaborators. They grow in knowledge and skill. Learn strategies. With lots of opportunities for project-based learning, students delve into academic content and solve problems as they design and present their projects.

We honor your child with a holistic approach to their education.

Our academics are infused with arts, faith, and service. That’s because we don’t only care about fostering your child’s intellectual growth. Instead, we believe your child deserves to be in a learning environment that celebrates their uniqueness. Encourages care for others. And nurtures their mind and soul.

Mustard Seed School

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