COVID & Sliding Scale

COVID & Sliding Scale Tuition

Sliding Scale Tuition Update June 2020

To Families applying for Sliding Scale Tuition after March 2020:

After the initial admissions season ending in March, Mustard Seed School has allocated most of the need-based Sliding Scale budget. This means that we have limited flexibility in our Sliding Scale budget until the next (2021-2022) admissions season. This year in particular, the need of families has been compounded by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Mustard Seed School, more than half of our families receive Sliding Scale Tuition. We work hard to remove all barriers that might keep children from becoming part of such a welcoming community. And every student’s tuition is indexed to some degree.

Due to fund limitations, at this point in our rolling admissions, most families can expect to pay between $16,500 and $23,900 for full-day tuition. We regret that some families may need to be placed on a financial aid waitlist.

We serve a diverse community where every child is valued and welcomed. We want to make it financially possible for your child to grow and learn at Mustard Seed School. And we continue with our fundraising efforts in the hopes that we will be able to make more funds available in the future.