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Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Leaving a legacy.

Join our Change Makers Society, made up of individuals, families, foundations, and groups of donors who create endowed scholarships for Mustard Seed School. Name a scholarship in honor or memory of someone — a friend, family member, or beloved teacher. A money manager invests the funds. Dividends from the principle support yearly tuition assistance for Mustard Seed children who need it the most. Your endowed scholarship will last in perpetuity, so you’ll be impacting the lives of current students and future generations. Sustaining the school. And making a difference to families in Hudson County for many years.

Your gift of $10,000 or more can create an endowed scholarship. In addition to using cash gifts, you can fund your scholarship in a variety of creative ways. We’ll work closely with you so the terms of the scholarship accomplish your intent. Once you establish a scholarship, you can donate to it at any time: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or just moments you want to say “thank you.”

If you have any questions or want to inquire about setting up a scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Nordling, Development Coordinator ([email protected]).

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