Learning through serving.

We believe service is integral to a well-rounded, holistic education. That’s why we incorporate mandatory service opportunities into our classes for students to learn to care for others and the world.

Service becomes a way of life.

Every day, students care for others in their class or in their community. Your child may be “first” in line and therefore hold the door for the rest of the class, or they may tie someone’s shoe or be a reading buddy to a younger student. At Mustard Seed School, there are countless ways to serve and grow in compassion.

Caring for others beyond the school’s walls.

On a regular basis, our students engage in school-wide service projects that teach them tangible ways to make a difference on a large scale. For instance, each year kindergarteners lead the school in a baby food collection for the local food pantry, second and third graders lead a collection of personal care items for the guests of the Hoboken Shelter, and eighth graders lead the school in a Lenten collection that responds to a need in another part of our world.

Mustard Seed School.

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