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Enriching social, recreational, and educational experiences after school

Our Extended Day Program at Mustard Seed School teaches each child to know and care for their community and God’s world. We’ve crafted a program where students can unwind, play, do homework, and receive enrichment activities after school–all in a peaceful, loving environment. We want our students who stay longer at school to have an added investment and even more connection to our community. Keep the joy alive!

PK4-5th grade students may stay in Extended Day up until 6pm.

K3 students have the option of Extended Day to 3pm. PK3 students stay with their teachers in their classrooms until the regular school day dismissal at 3:00 PM.

If you have questions about the Extended Day Program, please contact Nancy Aberg, Extended Day Coordinator [email protected]. Or call 201.653.5548.


Extended Day FAQs

Who is eligible for Extended Day?

MSS PK3 students have the option of Extended Day to 3pm.

MSS PK4-5th grade students have the option of Extended Day to 6 pm.

What is the cost of Extended Day?

For the 2022-23 school year, the cost is $2,000. Extended Day is available 5 days a week on full school days for all enrolled.

What are the hours of operation?

Extended Day runs from 11:40am-3pm for PK3 students.

Extended Day runs from 3-6pm for PK4-5th grade students.

Where does the Extended Day Program take place?

The Extended Day Program uses the Rivers Classroom on the second floor as a home base, but students will also go to the park and explore other spaces in the school like the art studio and the gym. You will even see artwork created by the Extended Day students displayed around the school. We hope that our Extended Day students will get to know the school in a different way and feel a deeper connection and sense of belonging.

Do I have to pay more for enrichment activities?

Enrichment activities are built into the program, so you will not have to pay an additional cost. However, if you enroll your child in private music lessons at the school, you will need to make payment arrangements with your child’s teacher. We’re happy to accompany your child to their lesson.

How will I know what happens during Extended Day?

The Extended Day Program has its own blog to keep you updated on what’s happening after school. You’ll also hear from our Extended Day Coordinator, Nancy Aberg.

Who are the staff for the Extended Day Program?

Our staff for the Extended Day Program are all teachers or paraprofessionals who have worked in Mustard Seed School classrooms, so they maintain the same culture and procedures we have in the classroom. Your child will experience complete continuity in their experience of school and Extended Day.

How does it work having children from different grades together in the Extended Day Program?

Mustard Seed School students are accustomed to working in multi-grade groupings, so we find that the mixed ages work really well in the Extended Day Program. In fact, it’s become quite a feature! We’re seeing friendships grow across grade levels as students work together and help one another.

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