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February 9, 2023 | Nancy Aberg

In the words of CS Lewis:

Agápē is all giving, not getting.

Paraphrasing Matthew 25:40, …what you do for the least among us, you do for me

Over the last couple of weeks the children worked on messages of love and support to share with the guests who rely on the Hoboken Shelter for life’s most basic needs:  food, water, sleep, and shelter.

A paper chain garland, 50+ handmade cards, and two bag fulls of toothbrushes were delivered.

Before we could enter the shelter we were asked to wear a mask to protect the vulnerable.  A few children opted out, which was fine, and waited outside with Ms Mendez. 

We were then invited to visit the dining hall where guests were talking and having a meal.  We spoke about why we were there, to show our love and support, and the guests spontaneously shared their thanks with applause and a couple of huzzahs for us!

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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