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And the survey says…

February 11, 2022 | Nancy Aberg

Every day we start our time together with a home provided snack.  We noticed that some of our friends have finished all their snack & lunch during the school day and some prefer not to eat what remains for one convincing reason or another.

We do keep a supply of individually wrapped saltine crackers on hand and share them as needed with students.  The children seem to love them, and in a pinch they are an adequate supplement, but they are not meant to replace a nutritious snack.

Following the children’s lead, we decided to take a survey!   And we would like to share the results with you.

We asked one question:

If you could pick your after school snack what would it be?

60% Responded a Sandwich

  • Just cheese or as complement to ham or prosciutto.
  • Just jelly or peanut butter & jelly were also mentioned.


60% Responded Fruit

  • Apples, Grapes and Strawberries topped the list.
  • Blueberries, Kiwi and Oranges were also popular choices.



20% Responded Crackers or Chips

  • With Goldfish, popcorn and pretzels mentioned at least once.

30% Responded Yogurt or Yogurt Drink


15% Responded Sweets

  • Oatmeal cookies, Oreos and chocolate were mentioned at least once.

We should also note a few honorable mentions from our survey:

fish sticks, dumplings, and grilled cheese sandwiches!




Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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