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Arrival and Dismissal

June 21, 2020 | Shanna Pargellis


Your child should arrive to school between 8:10-8:15 in the morning. This will allow your child to have time to greet friends, unpack, and plan for the day before we move to the Community Room for Worship, which begins at 8:30. You are invited to attend our Worship in the Community Room on any day.

You are welcome to come into the classroom and watch as your child gets ready. We encourage you to help your child to be independent by allowing him or her to take responsibility in getting ready for morning procedures (putting backpack, snack, homework, etc. away). In order to help your 2nd/3rd grader to be best prepared, please say good-bye by 8:20, when you are invited to join us in the Community Room for worship (or you can leave to begin your own day!). We’ll join you there at 8:30.

If your child arrives to school after 8:30, when we take attendance, you should go to the office to sign your child in for the day. After 8:30 your child will be considered tardy.


At 3:00 all of the 2/3 classes will meet for dismissal near the steps on Willow Avenue. We will dismiss from the southeast door of the building. For safety reasons, each child must say good-bye to their teacher, before leaving. At that time, we will make sure that we see you (or the person designated to pick up your child) before your child may leave. If there is ever a change in your pick-up plan, please send a paper note to your child’s classroom in the morning or call the office and let them know. We must be informed of any changes by the parent before we can release the student.

Shanna Pargellis

Lower School Director

A life-long learner, Shanna Pargellis is always full of questions and curious about possibilities. As a founder of the school she has been delighted to shape and experience this dynamic and growing learning environment. A continuing goal over the 40 years is to know and care for each child so that each one grows not just academically but in the arts, faith, and service. She believes that listening to the child and learning holistically prepares one to lead a life of meaning and purpose and joy.

Currently she is the Lower School Director for grades one to three, but she has had many roles at the school: teacher, board member, parent, acting head, early childhood director, guitar player, song leader, space designer, furniture mover, and celebration planner.

While she has appreciated all the places one can explore in the city, she enjoys gardening in her own small backyard and spending time in green spaces. She also loves to ask the beautiful question.

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