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June 21, 2020 | Shanna Pargellis

Birthdays are a special time and we celebrate birthdays by presenting children with a book with his or her name inside the cover to go in the school library. If your child has a summer birthday, we will celebrate his/her half birthday.

Parents are welcome to provide a special nut-free snack on the day that we celebrate your child’s birthday. Mini-cupcakes or a small food item work well because they are a not-too-big treat. If you would like to bring simple treats for the class to celebrate your child’s birthday, please let your child’s teacher know in advance. Cupcakes, cookies, muffins, and doughnut holes are typical birthday treats that are easy for the children to distribute. Please do not bring cakes that need to be cut up, as they are challenging in the classroom. We want to honor each child with the same type of birthday celebration, so we ask that you not send party bags, balloons, drinks, etc. to school. If you are planning a party, please mail or distribute the invitations outside of school since they can be easily lost or cause hurt feelings when they are delivered at school.

Shanna Pargellis

Lower School Director

A life-long learner, Shanna Pargellis is always full of questions and curious about possibilities. As a founder of the school she has been delighted to shape and experience this dynamic and growing learning environment. A continuing goal over the 40 years is to know and care for each child so that each one grows not just academically but in the arts, faith, and service. She believes that listening to the child and learning holistically prepares one to lead a life of meaning and purpose and joy.

Currently she is the Lower School Director for grades one to three, but she has had many roles at the school: teacher, board member, parent, acting head, early childhood director, guitar player, song leader, space designer, furniture mover, and celebration planner.

While she has appreciated all the places one can explore in the city, she enjoys gardening in her own small backyard and spending time in green spaces. She also loves to ask the beautiful question.

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