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Class Covenant–How are we keeping It?

May 12, 2020 | Chloe Ko

Last week, Courageous revisited our class covenant.

We read the covenant aloud and reminded ourselves what it was that we signed and promised to do our best to keep.

We then began our discussion about how we have been keeping our covenant as a community– ONLINE.

Here’s what the students shared:

As students shared and I jotted, we realized we have been keeping our covenant in SO many ways! We were looking out for each other whether that was with assignments or technology. When we look and feel confident, it helps others to start feel that way too, so the energy that we bring into our community is so important. Having a flexible mindset also allows us to be united and move on from what we cannot control. These “small” actions turned out to be really important actions that have been strengthening our community during distance learning.


We continued to discuss what is still hard and what we need to remember:

One of the things that we shared was how sometimes, it can be hard to read the speaker’s tone via chat! Unlike a face-to-face conversation, we cannot hear the tone of the speaker and can lead to misunderstandings in a chat conversation. To show that we care for each other, to show that we are upstanders, we agreed that it is important to remember this before we are quick to chat away. We want to be mindful of the words that we use.

We also agreed that when we let chat become a distraction from what is more important, then we are no longer being a team nor making a smart choice.

After this conversation, I felt proud of Courageous for their thoughtful actions in building this online community the past 8 weeks. Through our recommitment, we will build an even safer, stronger community.

Chloe Ko

Teacher, Grade 5

Chloe Jang first developed a passion for children in high school when volunteering at her church’s children’s ministry. She learned how teaching with love and patience can have an impact on both student and teacher. Since then, Ms. Jang has received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and English Language Arts from Hunter College. In New York City, Ms. Jang experienced diverse classroom environments, especially teaching fourth grade in West Harlem. She’s very excited to be a part of the Mustard Seed team and serve the community!

In her free time, Ms. Jang loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She even lived in Japan for one year, serving students in a college ministry. She also loves to read fiction books, workout, and explore new restaurants.

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