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Community in 2nd Grade

May 18, 2021 | Chris Gasca

As the year draws closer to the end, I find myself looking around and celebrating with the students and teachers the sense of community that is overflowing in the second grade. With all the curveballs and uncertainties that we have had in this school year, the constant remains the love and care that our students and teachers have for one another. It’s the bond of knowing and growing together that has made us stronger.  We started the school year divided as we were learning in a hybrid format, with students learning in class as well as learning from home.  Throughout the year we have shared experiences that have helped us know how to learn and care for each other. As of yesterday, our last second-grade student has joined us in class.  The teachers can put away some laptops and everyone can enjoy each other’s company in person! The joy of each other’s company, especially this year, has drawn us closer than ever before.


In these pictures, you can see the Meadows Class enjoying a pajama and dance party as a reward for working hard in our Spanish class. Not only did the children have a great time but you also see Ms. Lowe cutting loose and dancing with her students!!!

Similar to the Meadows Class, the Forests Class also celebrated hard work in our Spanish class by having a pajama and movie day during the Spanish session. We had such a great time celebrating together!

We have been enjoying Dance Party Mondays in the Forests Class in an effort to wake up tired bodies. Not only has this energized them, but it has also given them something to look forward to on Mondays.


Whether it is basketball, soccer, community building on Fridays, or even Karate in the courtyard. The second grade has found plenty of ways to grow, share, and celebrate with each other in very special ways.

Chris Gasca

Assistant Teacher, Grade 2 Forests & Meadows Class: Assistant Teacher, Spanish

Chris Gasca first learned about Mustard Seed School through his wife, Clarissa, who is an alumna. Impressed with the education and the community, they enrolled their three children. Mr. Gasca saw firsthand the love, Godly character, and incredible skill of MSS teachers. He joined the staff as a substitute teacher in 2016 and felt right at home. Today he's an Assistant Teacher in the Forest Class and works with second and third grade students. He loves spending time with children in the park where he has been known to be a fierce competitor in foot races and team sports. He thoroughly enjoys building relationships with MSS students, especially learning beside them and helping them grow in character and self esteem. Whether through academics, extracurricular activities, or providing emotional support, Mr. Gasca always looks for the best way to invest in every single student.

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