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Fall Fun in the Studio!

November 16, 2022 | Dorota Chester

In the Studio the children are introduced to drama, paint, sensory table, and paper collage.

The children read a book and then they act out the characters. By acting out the story, the students develop language skills and use gestures to learn to communicate with others.


In paint, the kindergarten has fun mixing colors and discovering new shades. They can use these to paint their memories of the Hudson Hike.


The children explore their senses by using the Studio’s sensory table. Here they use tools to learn about water in our environment. During the school year besides water, we use sand, soil and other objects.


In collage, the children are given construction paper and scissors and learn to cut out shapes. They then take glue and create a collage. Often they can choose.  It could be a bird, a robot, an outdoor scene, etc.


In all of their work in these art languages, students learn to show their ideas.  They learn to make a plan and adjust it when the outcome is not what they expected.  They explore with their hands and bodies, which we know helps young brains to grow!

Dorota Chester

Assistant Teacher, Preschool Trees

Dorota Chester has been a member of the Mustard Seed School community for almost two decades, first as a parent and volunteer and then a staff member. Her love for education started when she was a child in Poland and participated in the national scout organization, in which she quickly gained a leadership position. After pursuing an education degree over 30 years ago, she taught children from first to third grades.

When she moved to the United States, Ms. Chester’s passion for teaching continued. She taught at a Polish supplementary school during the week and on Sundays taught religion classes at a local church. When her first son attended Mustard Seed, she saw the passion of the staff and joined them as a volunteer for the many years that her three sons were students. In 2011, the opportunity arose for her to become a full time first grade teacher at Mustard Seed and she jumped at the chance.

During her time off, Ms. Chester can be found at the beach, swimming, and biking. She enjoys sports and spent many years shuttling her boys to sports practices and games. She loves to cook, especially stuffed cabbage, pierogies, and cucumber soup.

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