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Filtering Water

December 9, 2020 | Becca Brasser

Our science investigations into water concluded with a very exciting project: a water filter!

We discussed the differences between water in natural sources like puddles, ponds, lakes, oceans, and rivers and the water that comes out of our faucets at home or in a bottle.

Then, we used a sieve to see how much debris we could remove from a bucket of dirty water–but only the biggest pieces were strained out.

Finally, we built a multi-layer filter to help us remove as much of the debris as possible. While our results were not pure, drinkable water, we were impressed with how much debris was trapped in each layer of the filter: gravel, mesh, sand, and cotton balls.

If you want to recreate this at home, you will need the materials pictured above, as well as two sturdy cups with three small holes poked in the bottom. These cups fit together as shown on the top of the diagram, with a cup to catch the filtered water underneath.


Becca Brasser

Teacher, Grade 1

Becca Brasser has been teaching first grade at Mustard Seed School since 2002. She’s passionate about teaching children to read, write, experiment, and take risks as they explore the world around them. Her own studies (including a Master of Arts degree from New Jersey City University) have given her expertise and experience in the area of literacy education.

Ms. Brasser especially enjoys taking her students on field trips all over the New York Metropolitan area, traveling on foot, subway, bus, commuter train, and ferry. Some favorite trips: the Hudson Hike, the New York Transit Museum, and the Central Park Zoo to study penguins.

Although she lives in the city, Ms. Brasser loves escaping to nature and finding it in her everyday life as well. She loves to explore rivers and lakes, woods and mountains with her husband Matt, their daughter, Annika, and son, Theo.

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