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For the Birds

February 4, 2022 | Nancy Aberg

It was the start of the cold winter weather that sparked our conversation about how we could help the birds we see at Church Square Park.  Everyone agreed we should give them food to eat, but what kind of food had us wondering what would be best.

The children considered sharing after school snacks or maybe buying crackers.  But can birds eat all the things we can eat?  Hmmmmm.  The children decided that bird food, with lots of seeds, would be best.

We then discussed how best to deliver the bird seed. 

  • Bowls on the ground?  But the squirrels would eat it.
  • Just sprinkle it on the ground?  But mice might eat it.
  • Build birdhouses or bird feeders.  Yes!  But…
    • We’ll need wood
    • Or do we?

We researched the idea of an edible bird feeder and found a recipe using flat-bottomed ice cream cones, pipe cleaners, shortening and bird seed.

Our plan was set in motion!

The following week, during snack time, we discussed what we would need to help us hang the edible bird feeders way up in the trees.  Several children suggested a ladder.  Another student suggested a hook like a cane.  We decided we should use both.  As luck would have it, both items were found in our gym storage area.

We now had an executable plan!



We took turns climbing up the ladder to reach the branches!

Once all the edible bird feeders were placed in the trees we sat very quietly, and waited for a few minutes, hoping to get a glimpse of birds discovering our handmade winter treats.

If anyone spotted a bird we agreed that they should raise a quiet hand!

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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