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Frequently Asked Questions

August 26, 2022 | Nancy Aberg

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Q:  How does my child get to the Extended Day program? 

A:  Students will be escorted by their homeroom teacher to our room on the second floor.

Q:  Do students need to bring their own snack?  

A:  Yes.  Please have a nutritious, after school designated, snack and a water bottle with their name clearly marked on the bottle.       

Q:  What are Extended Day hours?

A:  3:00-6:00 PM – on regular school days.

Q:  What time do I need to pick-up my child?

A:  Anytime between 3:00-6:00 PM.

Q:  Where do I pick-up my child?

A:  Parents arriving between 5:55-6:05 PM should meet us at the glass doors on Willow Avenue.  Before 5:50 PM or after 6:05 PM, parents can press the doorbell, at the blue door, on the corner of 5th & Willow Ave, and come to the Main Office.  

Q:  What happens if a parent is late for pick-up?

A:  Late is defined as anytime after 6:05 PM.   After 3 late pick-ups, or on the 4th late pick-up, parents will be given both a verbal & written notice that a late pick-up charge will be billed to them.  The late fee structure is as follows:

        • 6:10 PM, $10 charge
        • 6:15 PM, $20 charge
        • 6:20 PM, $30 charge
        • 6:25 PM, $40 charge
        • 6:30 PM, $50 charge

Q:  Is there Extended Day on school half-days, staff professional development days, or during school holidays?

A:  No.  Extended Day is closed on these days.  On snow days and emergency closure days, both school and Extended Day will be closed.

Q:  Should we email the school each week and/or day our child will or will not go to extended day?

A:  Extended Day is available 5-days a week for all enrolled.  Parents choose which days their child attends and for how long.  Everyday, some days weekly, or the schedule varies week to week.  It’s whatever makes sense for your family.

It is always helpful to know a student’s individual schedule, on any given day, for two important reasons:   1) the student is aware of their after school plan which avoids any potential confusion or worry; and  2)  their homeroom teacher and the Extended Day staff know whether a student should go down with their class for “regular” dismissal or be escorted to Extended Day.

Q:  What if my after school plan changes during the school day?  

A:   Please call [201-653-5548] or email [[email protected]] the Main Office and we will get the message to your child’s homeroom teacher and Extended Day instructors who may not be able to check their email messages until after the school day ends.

Q:  Would it be helpful for Extended Day staff to know what time parents plan to pick-up?   

A:  Yes, if you are planning to have a consistent/regular pick-up time.  If not, no problem. We expect to have staggered pick-up times.

Q:  My child may be taking private music lessons or enrolled in another enrichment program after school at MSS.  How will Extended Day support my child’s schedule?

A:  We will escort your child to and from their lesson/class.

Q:  Will there be park time?  If so, at what time?

A:  Yes.  Approximately 3:30-4:10PM, give or take.

 Q:  When will children have their snack?

 A:  Upon arrival and before park.

 Q:  When will homework time be scheduled?

 A:  After park during the first activity period.

 Q:  How much time will be spent on homework and how much help will my child receive?

 A:  We will follow grade level homework guidelines for each class.  It’s important that classroom teachers see the student’s independent work, even if the work is incomplete.  We will follow the amount of time that classroom teachers suggest should be spent on homework.  And beyond providing a space and a place to do homework, please be assured that we will also be supportive, encouraging and helpful too!

 Q:  Where will Extended Day classes be held?

 A:  We have two designated spaces on the second floor.  Our classroom is at the end of the hall across from the girls bathroom.  We will also use the Art Studio which is also across the hall.

 Q:  Are birthdays celebrated after school?

 A:  Yes.  The birthday student will be honored and celebrated.  There may even be dancing!

 If you have any questions that were not covered here, please email [email protected]

Until next time!

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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