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From Ms. Curran: Investigations into 3-D Geometry

June 14, 2023 | Becca Brasser


Blocks and Buildings is the final math unit in first grade and the second of two units in the Grade 1 geometry strand of Investigations. This strand develops students’ ideas about the attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes and how these attributes determine their classification. In this unit, students look carefully at 3-D shapes and the 2-D shapes that are their faces and spend time describing and comparing them. 

Students took time to relate 3-D shapes to 2-D pictures of the shapes, related 3-D shapes to real-world objects, described and named 3-D shapes, observed and described attributes of 3-D shapes, compared attributes of 3-D shapes, developed language to describe and compare 3-D shapes to their 2-D faces, and compared size, shape and orientation of a 3-D object.       


During this unit the students went on a shape hunt around the classroom to find objects in the room that were 3-D shapes. The children were given the challenge of drawing 3-D shapes, drawing geoblock structures and building geoblock structures from pictures. The children worked together to play Build, Draw, Switch, Build. In this game each child builds a geoblock structure, draws the ¨blueprint” of the structure, switches their drawing with someone else and then tries to build the other person’s structure based on the drawing.  


Becca Brasser

Teacher, Grade 1

Becca Brasser has been teaching first grade at Mustard Seed School since 2002. She’s passionate about teaching children to read, write, experiment, and take risks as they explore the world around them. Her own studies (including a Master of Arts degree from New Jersey City University) have given her expertise and experience in the area of literacy education.

Ms. Brasser especially enjoys taking her students on field trips all over the New York Metropolitan area, traveling on foot, subway, bus, commuter train, and ferry. Some favorite trips: the Hudson Hike, the New York Transit Museum, and the Central Park Zoo to study penguins.

Although she lives in the city, Ms. Brasser loves escaping to nature and finding it in her everyday life as well. She loves to explore rivers and lakes, woods and mountains with her husband Matt, their daughter, Annika, and son, Theo.

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