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From One Thing to the Next

December 16, 2022 | Nancy Aberg

The last couple of months of 2022 were a productive and joyful time for us “after-schoolers”.

We wanted to share some of the highlights before we close 2022!

We baked and served a pumpkin chocolate chip cake!

We voted on election day, November 8!

On the ballot…

What should we name Extended Day this school year? 

It was a crowded field of clever options.  Unlike “real” elections students could vote twice!  Vote for a name they shared AND vote for a name a friend shared.  In the end, after several rounds of eliminations, we reached consensus.

We are the Apple Juicers!

With Ms. Mendez the children made and we baked a crowd pleasing Mac n’ Cheese!

We received our Hoboken library cards and celebrated!

We borrowed our first library book!

We caught a sneak peak of a few of our friends preparing for their last Actor’s Toolkit class!

We made dozens of Thanksgiving cards and delivered them to our neighbors at the Hoboken University Medical Center to give well wishes to patients, and our thanks to the staff, nurses and doctors, who would not be with their families on the holiday.

Using a wheeled measuring device with an odometer, we discovered that the paper-chain garland the children made for the Hoboken Senior Center was 105 feet long!

The Senior Center will use the garland to decorate their dining hall where they gather for meals, holiday celebrations and Bingo.

Some children counted with their feet.  The garland was approximately 138 “Siddharth feet” and 111 “Noah feet”!

Last week, Ms. Stoudmire led our Feast Friday preparations by making “hot-diggities-in-a-blanket”!

This week, while walking to the playground, we saw people working on colorful objects.  On our way back to school we stopped by to get a closer look and met the artist, Tom Fruin.  Tom and his team were installing two structures in Church Square Park!  Tom greeted the children and spoke about his work and answered our questions.  The question most on the mind of the children:  “Can we go inside?”

We made a unique Gingerbread House with found objects and drawings.

We said goodbye to our friend Wini who is moving abroad with her family.  We look forward to hearing about her new adventures and hope to stay in touch.  Perhaps we can Penpal or Zoom once her family is settled-in to their new home?

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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