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May 26, 2021 | Bridget O'Dowd

This week, the kindergarten students began thinking about gardens. The children were asked: “What do you know about gardens?” Students had many ideas and shared their knowledge with the class. 

Here are some of the things we already know about gardens:
“You need to plant a garden. There needs to be soil, but you could use baskets or pots. You need seeds.” -Daniel
“Gardens need water and sunlight.” – Kayla
“Rain helps water a garden.” -Hudson
“Gardens need sunlight.” -Marie
“Bugs are helpful in gardens.” -Patrick
“Worms help gardens too.” -Weaver
“Some plants can’t have too much sun. There are little white bugs that are bad for your garden.” -Alex
“Plants need soil, water, light, and seeds. Worms are good for gardens.” -Franco
“There is a special foggy mirror to cover plants when it is too cold so they stay warm.” -Michelle
“Venus fly traps and christmas cactus are types of plants.” – Avery
“Banana peels are good for gardens.” -Patrick
After much conversation, and sharing of their knowledge, the students formulated their own questions:
I wonder what the white things in soil are? -Michelle
I wonder if a garden will grow if you have no soil and only worms? -Hudson
I wonder if ladybugs eat the white things from gardens? -Marie
I wonder if gardens can grow with no seeds and no worms? -Franco
I wonder how worms help gardens? -Kayla
I wonder if you have no backyard and no balcony, can you plant a garden indoors? -Weaver
The research is starting and students will read books, visit gardens, talk to experts and maybe even start their own garden.

Children have been bringing in plants from home to share with their classmates. They have also been sharing pictures of home gardens!

Throughout the coming weeks, we will continue to explore gardens and will take another walking trip where we will observe gardens.
Are you an expert gardener?

Bridget O'Dowd

Ms. O’Dowd came to Mustard Seed in 2017, after moving to Hoboken in 2016. She found a school and a community all in one package at Mustard Seed! Having taught kindergarten in Illinois before moving to New Jersey, Ms. O’Dowd has a passion for five-year-olds. She’s delighted to be a part of the kindergarten team and loves to read and share in story with students. Her favorite moment of the day is during a good read aloud, when she looks out and sees the faces of children showing empathy and emotion in response to the story. Ms. O’Dowd’s hobbies include exploring new neighborhoods, watching BBC documentaries, traveling to visit family, and eating her way through New York City.

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