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Grade 6 Mathematics

November 26, 2019 | admin

Instructor:  Ms. Rachuri

Course Description:

Sixth Grade Mathematics is a broad, general mathematics course designed to give students a wide exposure to the beauty and rigor of mathematical thought, as well as a deep understanding of basic foundational material necessary for future courses.  
Topics of study will include:
  • All operations with rational numbers, with particular emphasis on negative numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Mental arithmetic, looking for ways to simplify calculations
  • Estimation and approximation
  • Strategies for problem solving
  • Number sense
  • Exponents and roots
  • Number lines and graphing
  • Organizing data, mean, median, mode
  • Measurement systems and units
  • Geometry (polygons, circles, areas, volumes, angles)
  • Graphing rules and functions
  • Using variables
  • Solving linear equations
This class meets daily for periods averaging 45-50 minutes.

Homework Expectations:

There will be daily homework.  Assignments are designed to take approximately 25-30 minutes, understanding that students work at different speeds.  
In Sixth Grade Math, we follow the “30 minute rule.” Students may stop work after 30 minutes of solid effort.  If a student cannot complete an assignment in that time, she/he should make sure that the writing in the graph pad reflects the 30 minutes of effort. If the material is challenging, and the student has not made much progress,  then a couple of thoughtful sentences should be written in the graph pad to answer these questions: What have you tried?  Where do you get stuck?  What questions do you have? A parent should also write a note in the assignment book confirming that the student worked for 30 minutes.


In general, tests will occur every four to five weeks.  Quizzes and other ongoing assessments will happen more frequently. 
When tests are graded and returned to students, they will be asked to do a review sheet to analyze their work.  This is designed to lead the students to reflect on their work and their learning:  Identify the types of problems you missed.  Were these calculation errors, or was the concept confusing?  What additional review or support would be helpful?
After students have completed their review sheet, tests will be sent home for parents to see. 


A student’s grades will reflect understanding and mastery of the topics covered.  Through the grades and commentary, we will also find ways to recognize effort put forth and rate of progress. During each marking period, students have many ways to demonstrate their understanding:
  • Class participation:  questions and answers are both important
  • Quizzes
  • Homework quality
  • Tests


The Sixth Grade textbook is SRA Math Explorations and Applications by Willoughby, Bereiter, Hilton and Rubinstein published by SRA McGraw-Hill.  

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