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Hands in the Soil

October 14, 2021 | Nancy Aberg

For some it was a first, for others it jogged a memory from a long time ago. 

On Friday we had a small group of children and beautiful weather.  It was the perfect day to visit the Memory Garden.  

The garden has been neglected for a while and was overgrown with weeds and withered vines.  We even found a huge branch from a nearby tree that fell or was placed there. 

We decided to tackle the biggest weeds inside the garden and the withered vines along the chain link fence first.  The children worked hard with great enthusiasm, gusto and cooperation.  

“This weed is hard to pull out!”  

“I’ll help you.”

“Wait, is this a weed?”

“Our bags are full!”

Once we had filled two large bags with weeds, we headed back.  When we reached school we tossed the bags and the big tree branch, that took several students to carry all the way back, into the dumpster.

While we made significant progress, there is more work to be done.  We will visit again soon!

Please know that we call it the Memory Garden because it is the place where a tree was planted by the parents of Baby Arlo, who passed away due to complications at birth.  The tree honors that memory every time Arlo’s parents walk past the garden.  Your children are aware of Baby Arlo and that he went to heaven to be with God.  As one student shared, “So he is still alive then.”  

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

Every year on her birthday when she was growing up, Nancy Aberg would blow out the candles on her cake and make a wish to become a teacher one day. Although it may have been a circuitous route that took a few decades, her childhood wish came true! From the nuts and bolts of running a hardware store in Manhattan Beach, California, to creating media plans for advertising clients in Manhattan, her path eventually led to the Mustard Seed School community, first as a parent and volunteer, and then as a teacher. Now she’s delighted to serve as the Extended Care Coordinator.

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