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How do we know they know?

September 23, 2020 | Abby Hall Choi

As teachers we ask ourselves, “How do we know what students know?”


When we can walk around a classroom and observe students’ work, hear conversations, engage with questions, we get clues about what students are understanding. 


In our hybrid model, we are looking for new ways to observe what students know.  

  • We are thinking about how meeting with small groups can provide quick feedback. 
  • We are using reporting features embedded in Mathspace and other digital tools. 
  • We continue to design space for conversations with students and between students. 


Over the next few months we as educators are engaging in our own learning around designing instruction and assessment. We are studying Universal Design for Learning. You can read more about it here


Another way we see what students know is by using MAP Growth (MAP) assessments. MAP gives your child the chance to show off what they know and how they problem solve! For us, it gives us information about what your child is ready to learn next. 


If you would like to learn more, we are having an information session Thursday, September 23. Check the email from your child’s teacher for joining information. 


This information session will be most informative for families who are new to Mustard Seed or new to MAP testing. We plan to record the event and send along later.

If you would like to read through some of the questions we have heard, please click here.

Abby Hall Choi

Middle School Director

Abby Choi likes thinking about how people work together. She believes that students and teachers always want to offer their best work, but sometimes obstacles get in the way. She enjoys finding solutions that enable students and teachers to thrive.

Ms. Choi values caring for the whole person. She believes it’s most important that everyone knows they are God’s child and loved all the time, no matter what. She also thinks that students and teachers are interdependent and need to take care of each other.
She challenges our school community to consider how teachers and students can practice having fun, autonomy, competence, and also build relationships.

Ms. Choi really likes laughing and strives to find humor in daily life.

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