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I ❤️ Math Day in the Lower School

March 15, 2022 | Shakeh Tashjian

At Mustard Seed School, we celebrate I ❤️ Math Day on March 14, also known as 𝛑 day. Students were reminded that there are people whose careers are devoted to the discovery of patterns in the digits of this special number. Mathematics exists in daily life, and for some, it is their life. They explore, communicate, adjust, present, and repeat this work over and over again.

What better way to celebrate the problem-solving, iterative, collaborative, and communicative aspects of mathematics than with rich problems of their own to solve? Throughout the week, students worked on problems that required more thought and effort than a one-operation word problem. For example, they had to solve magic squares and find different combinations of coins. They played math games that simulated calculations they will encounter in their lives.

Another feature of the day was a visit and read-aloud from Ms. Hall Choi and Dr. Smith. Students enjoyed hearing about “The Math Curse” and how they only have to pay attention to see all the forms math can take all around them.

The last part of I ❤️ Math Day involved an estimation jar of candy or Legos. The students were encouraged to discuss strategies and submit their best guess. The closest guesses were announced, and their rewards were a handshake or a hug, recognition in front of the class, and- most of all- the joy of a job well done. At the end of the day, everyone’s reward was engaging in the joy of math.

Shakeh Tashjian

Director of Grades Two-Eight

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