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It’s All About the Prep!

October 3, 2022 | Nancy Aberg

In preparation for Feast Friday last week, the children washed and cut fresh strawberries and bananas for a surprise treat.  While prepping the fruit the children took turns guessing what we would be doing with so many strawberries and bananas.  Juice, pie, popsicles, ice cream, milk shake, smoothies?    We did not confirm or deny their good guesses!

Once bagged the fruit was delivered to the freezer in the Staff Room.

On Friday, Ms Mendez fired up her awesomely large capacity blender.  The children took turns scooping yogurt, adding the frozen fruit and a generous splash of oat milk.  When the lid to the blender was in place, the children took turns hitting the pulse button until the ingredients were smooth!

It was a busy afternoon together.  We also celebrated a birthday and a new friend joined us for the first time!



Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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