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Leadership & Ownership of Learning

March 31, 2020 | Gladys Wu

MSS students continue to show us that they are leaders and change makers, in-person as well as digitally! Students are willing to take risks and challenge themselves. They are open to asking for help. They problem solve and look for resources, whether it be through people or using technology. They support each other’s learning.

Here are some quotes during our time of digital learning:

“Can we call? … Can we have some help?”
-4th grader working on math homework and asking for help

“Can someone share the link to the live session at 10?”
4th graders asking each other for the meeting link

“It’s called Epic right? That’s what I did.”
-5th grader setting up her own Epic account (an online reading program)

“I am totally okay.”
-7th grader striving for independence and ownership of his work

“Do you have another time today?”
-8th grader requesting meeting times

“Okay, I just need to breathe.”
-8th grader self regulating and acknowledging this is hard! 

Prior to digital learning, 7th and 8th graders have stepped into leadership through after school peer tutoring. A few 7th and 8th grade students have volunteered their after school time, once a week to tutor 4th and 5th graders. They share the strategies they remember in math and their own experiences in 4th and 5th grade. Our 4th and 5th graders are not afraid of sharing what they need to work on. They are all working diligently to improve their math skills!

Tristan and Henry enjoy a friendly fluency competition, led by Maximus.

Annie is creative with the ways she teaches number sense!
She pulls out fake money to practice adding and subtracting.

Danny uses whiteboard markers and laminated multiplication sheets to practice fact fluency.


We use laptops to help us find practice problems and explain procedures!

These girls are thinking and working hard!

Gladys Wu

Learning Specialist

Gladys Wu is excited to be a part of the Mustard Seed community and to share God’s love in all she does. She hopes to introduce tools and resources to make the classroom more invitational and accessible to students of varying learning needs. Her previous experiences include working with students from diverse backgrounds who have visual impairments and multiple disabilities.

Ms. Wu remembers all of the educators in her life who have inspired and challenged her to love learning, develop patience and understanding, gain confidence in her abilities, and pursue a career in education in order to impact lives. She hopes to do the same!

Things that make her happy include visiting farms, photographing scenic environments, and relaxing at a local coffee or dessert shop. She prides herself in DIY projects and has an interesting reputation of hoarding “garbage” and turning these objects into beautiful artwork or useful new products. Ms. Wu laughs at cheesy puns, even when no one else is laughing, and believes in finding joy in all that she does.

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