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Light Study

February 8, 2022 | Bridget O'Dowd

Last week, we began our study of light by thinking about what we already know about light and doing research using the books in our classroom libraries.  

Here are some of the thoughts the kindergarten students had about light: 


At nighttime, the sun is lighting up the moon. -Weaver

It can fill a whole room. -Franco

You can use fire to make light when you are in dark woods. -Michelle

The sun brings light in the morning. -Mirabella

Some lights are brighter than others. -Ricky

Electricity makes light and a night light makes light. -Marie

If you have a light in your room and it is day time you could get blinded because it would be so bright. -Daniel

You can turn on and off lights. – Alex

Light comes from the sun. -Hudson

Lightning can be light. -Sammy

I have a projector and it shines light. -Patrick

An alarm clock can be a light. -Franco

Here are some questions we have about light that we are hoping to learn during our study. 

Can light keep making light if it gets wet? -Franco

Will you still see light if you cover it with something. -Weaver

I wonder why when I turn on the lights in my room, I can’t see what my projector shows as much. -Patrick

How does the sun make light? And how does electricity make light? -Marie

After rain comes and the sun comes out what does the light do? -Alex

How does the sun make light? -Hudson

How does electricity uses light? -Ricky

When it is nighttime how does it become morning? -Mirabella

How does electricity make light? -Michelle

How do you make electricity? -Sammy

How do you make your own light by yourself? -Weaver

In the Studio, the children have been exploring light in many ways. 

In paint, students have been painting the night sky inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

In drama, children have been using their bodies, a light, and a screen to explore light. 

We have a new addition in our classroom, the light table! We’ve been using this light table with translucent shapes for building and observing how light travels through materials. 

This week, the kindergarten children have been brainstorming and researching various natural and artificial sources of light. Next week, they will use clay to begin sculpting a light source of their choice.

Enjoy some photos of today’s snowy day fun!

Bridget O'Dowd

Ms. O’Dowd came to Mustard Seed in 2017, after moving to Hoboken in 2016. She found a school and a community all in one package at Mustard Seed! Having taught kindergarten in Illinois before moving to New Jersey, Ms. O’Dowd has a passion for five-year-olds. She’s delighted to be a part of the kindergarten team and loves to read and share in story with students. Her favorite moment of the day is during a good read aloud, when she looks out and sees the faces of children showing empathy and emotion in response to the story. Ms. O’Dowd’s hobbies include exploring new neighborhoods, watching BBC documentaries, traveling to visit family, and eating her way through New York City.

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