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Many Multiplication Strategies

November 9, 2020 | Elizabeth Rachuri

Over the past month, students have been exploring many multiplication strategies.  When given a problem like 34 x 63, students have many ways to solve it, including:

  • breaking apart one number
  • breaking apart two numbers
  • drawing an array
  • using the algorithm

This week, students played a game called Multiplication Compare to help them think about solving problems with zeros.  Many students know that to solve 60 x 4, you first solve 6 x 4, then add a zero.  But what they’re actually using is the associative property of multiplication.

60 x 4 is the same as (6 x 10) x 4

Through this game, students practice this idea and grow their mental math skills.

See some photos below!

Elizabeth Rachuri

Teacher, Grade 5

Elizabeth Rachuri has always wanted to be a teacher. She began her career as a five-year-old girl creating and grading tests for her friends. She refined her skills in college as she studied, among other things, how to help struggling readers. Mrs. Rachuri spent a semester in Guanajuato, Mexico, studying Spanish and eating pan dulce. After college, she traveled to Puerto Rico to teach at the Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf. There, she learned American Sign Language and how to kill poisonous centipedes.

Finally, Mrs. Rachuri arrived at Mustard Seed School. Since that time, she has been teaching in the middle school. Her favorite part about teaching at Mustard Seed is leading worship. She loves to tell stories and get people to think deeply about God.

When she’s not teaching, traveling, or learning new languages, Mrs. Rachuri loves to draw portraits, sew, and (believe it or not) clean her house. But her new favorite pastime is singing and dancing with her daughter!

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