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Many Ways to Respond to Creation Worship!

October 13, 2021 | Kristen Jordan

During our morning worship time, children have continued to hear stories about all that God has created.  The creation worship is told in sequence and each day builds upon the other days so that children hear the previous parts of creation in order, over and over.  Repeating and building on stories is a great way for young children to internalize and remember stories and events.  This is literacy work for young children.

During activity time, children have also been able to think about and respond to the parts of the creation story that they hear each day in many different ways.  Sometimes children learn factual information about the part of creation and sometimes, we all simply take delight in the incredible variety among God’s creations.  

One of the primary ways children reflect on the story from that day is through the arts.  Children have painted, done collage, and drawn pictures to represent the various parts of the creation story that they have heard during worship.  In addition to reflecting on what they are learning through art, children are getting practice in skills like cutting, gluing, painting and drawing (which also help to build fine motor skills.) 

Children have also explored and retold the story at our own “worship basket” which contains elements just like the ones that the teachers use when they tell the story.

There are often puzzles (and sometimes stuffed animals!) available that are related to the part of the story from that day.  

Looking at books that depict the creation story with different styles of art and design also captures the children’s attention as they think about what has been created.  

And one of the children’s favorite activities has been the light table.  Here they have been inspired by the materials available, their own artwork, and books with illustrations showing God’s creations. 

In addition to the children reflecting on and reacting to the creation story through these various activities, together we also process with the children and admire their beautiful work.  We often have conversations about what might have felt hard about the process or what children enjoyed.  Reflecting on work is a habit of lifelong learning. 

And God said, let there be light…the first day. 

And God said, let there be sky.  Let there be seas…the second day.

And God said, let there be land.  Let it be green…the third day.  

And God said, let there be sun and moon and stars…the fourth day.

And God said, let there be fish.  Let there be birds…the fifth day. 

And God said, let there be animals.  Let there be people…the sixth day.  

You might ask your child if he or she knows the song we sing each day at worship recounting each day of creation!

Friday will be our last day of hearing about creation during worship, but I am certain that the children will continue to marvel at the beauty in the world around us.  

Then God looked, at all the things, that God had made. 

God took a rest, and all was blessed…the seventh day! 

Kristen Jordan

Teacher, Rivers Class

Kristen Jordan began helping at Mustard Seed School in 2006, after her daughter had been a student in the preschool. She substituted for many years in all grades; in 2011, she returned to the classroom and has been a teacher in The Nest ever since.

Prior to the birth of her daughter Clara, in 2002, Ms. Jordan worked in Brooklyn as a first grade teacher with the New York City Public Schools. During this time, her school collaborated with the Brooklyn Museum, and this work helped Ms. Jordan develop a real interest in the parallels between the process of making art and the process of writing in the classroom. She thoroughly enjoys teaching both art and literacy to preschoolers.

Ms Jordan’s background includes work with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. While at Teachers College, she trained with esteemed educator and author Lucy Calkins. Early in her teaching career, Ms. Jordan did not think that she wanted to teach very young children but her view has changed! She now really enjoys and takes great interest in young children and their development.

Ms. Jordan enjoys reading, working out, hiking, cooking, and spending time with her daughter and family. Although she has lived on the East Coast for a very long time, as a native of Oregon, she really loves the mountains!

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