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September 16, 2020 | Ms. Jonker

This year we are using Mathspace, an online math practice platform. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things about Mathspace.

1) It tracks student activity.

Mathspace tracks how much time students actively spend on Mathspace. We all move at different paces through problems, and we can all grow in our stamina for math work. Mathspace gives me a way to monitor how long the students are actively working on assignments, whether they are at home or school. It also helps me understand their different work paces and how they do their best work.

2) Mathspace has built-in supports.

If students are unsure about how to proceed with a problem, Mathspace provides ways for the students to get more information independently. Each new problem has hints (lightbulb icon) for the students to read, a video explanation they can watch, and an online, interactive textbook they can look through. This week I encouraged students to use each of these features at least once while they worked on Mathspace.



3) Mathspace notes each student’s progress in detail.

Mathspace gives me very specific details about each student’s level of mastery in certain topics, when they worked on their assignments, and problems they were stuck on. Mathspace will also let me know when a student has a “learning moment,” indicating when a student used one of the supports on Mathspace to complete a problem correctly.

We are enjoying this new platform! I am excited to see how we grow as mathematicians this year.

Kat Jonker

Teacher, Grades 4

Kat Jonker is energized by how passionately Mustard Seed School nurtures each student to blossom into the person God has made them to be. She’s honored to teach and learn beside the fourth and fifth grade students here.

Ms. Jonker’s always been surrounded and inspired by dedicated teachers--including her mother! When she began teaching private violin lessons as a high school student, Ms. Jonker began to think about teaching as a career. Soon she realized her passion for teaching and learning as an Elementary Education with an integrated science major at Calvin College. There she flourished as an assistant teacher at Calvin’s middle school chemistry camp. She also led elementary nature programs at Calvin’s ecosystem preserve.

Music remains one of Ms. Jonkers passions and you’ll sometimes get to hear her playing in worship. She’s an avid violin player and spent a disproportionately large amount of her college life in string quartet rehearsals. She listens to music constantly and likes to keep it eclectic, so if you have any music recommendations, send them her way.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is Ms. Jonker’s home town. Through God-gifted communities of faith there, she found her roots in grace and a life of service.

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