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Midterm Reports

January 26, 2022 | Shakeh Tashjian

A child’s education changes tremendously over the years, but one of the most critical ingredients that remains consistent  is the partnership between parents and the school. As such, Mustard Seed School strategically plans for moments throughout the year to pause and share.These moments encourage a child’s independence, provide an opportunity to reflect, and keep parents as a meaningful part of the equation. 

  • SEPTEMBER – We begin by listening to families in a conference and spending six weeks with students, establishing a unique classroom that assures them that they belong and are valued and heard.
  • OCTOBER – Within weeks, we collect and analyze data from MAP tests, which we share during parents-teacher-student conferences.
  • DECEMBER – After giving students a month to demonstrate progress towards their goals, teachers communicate their feedback through progress reports.
  • FEBRUARY – Before the Winter MAP Growth Test or Term 2 Progress reports, we share midterm reports.

What is a midterm report? 

A midterm report is a narrative reflection for students who are demonstrating an area of struggle and who may need additional support from home. In the short narrative, families will also learn briefly about the supports and strategies in place at school. It might also be that a teacher writes a midterm as they observe outstanding growth in a particular subject or project. 

Who receives them? 

Students who are demonstrating an area of struggle will receive a midterm. It might also be that a teacher writes a midterm as they observe outstanding growth in a particular subject or project. 

If you receive a midterm note, please remember you may see notes for only one subject. Please take the time to review them with your child to reinforce the practice of reflection in which we invest heavily throughout the year.

Giving our children a chance to stretch and challenge themselves and giving them objective feedback is how they grow and develop into resourceful, reflective, critical thinkers. Engaging in this activity as a team reassures them that they are supported in their learning.

Please know that the midterm notes are not kept in your child’s permanent record. Midterms are intended to communicate where your child is in terms of developing towards the expectations we have been practicing.

Shakeh Tashjian

Director of Grades Two-Eight

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