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Mini Term!

December 2, 2020 | Chloe Ko

It’s good to be back! We have three weeks before Christmas break, and Courageous is getting right back to work: tackling new projects and learning new things.


Mini Term Electives

This year, we are so fortunate to have mini term electives. Thanks to Zoom, our students are able to participate without leaving the classroom/house. Each student is in one elective that meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for thirty minutes. Each elective is led by either a middle school teacher or an eighth grader. Some of us are learning how to crochet, edit videos, how to care for our body and mind while some of us are playing fun games from game shows and talking about music. It’s been so much fun engaging with other peers and teachers, and we can’t stop talking about it!

Language Arts

For reading and writing, we are studying Langston Hughes’s poems. Students have started to analyze his poems and will write an original poem in the same style as Hughes’s. To celebrate, Courageous will host a poetry slam where we get to present our poems and *snap* for each other.


The fourth and fifth grade students are collaborating in a new STEAM unit about water. Students are studying the big question “How can we have a healthier relationship with water?” Students are learning from their own research and from guest experts from the SUEZ water company. We are reflecting on the beauty of water and learning about how to care for it. Students will create PSA’s educating and encouraging their MSS and Hoboken community about water conservation and care.


As we enter a new unit of multiplication and division, the students were introduced to a math game called Prodigy. The purpose of the game is to train your wizard as you battle other players and win by answering math questions correctly. So cool! The students love it because it’s fun, and the teachers love it because we get to assign math questions that review the skills. Students will play Prodigy for at least 20 minutes as daily homework. You can read more about Prodigy here:


Chloe Ko

Teacher, Grade 5

Chloe Jang first developed a passion for children in high school when volunteering at her church’s children’s ministry. She learned how teaching with love and patience can have an impact on both student and teacher. Since then, Ms. Jang has received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and English Language Arts from Hunter College. In New York City, Ms. Jang experienced diverse classroom environments, especially teaching fourth grade in West Harlem. She’s very excited to be a part of the Mustard Seed team and serve the community!

In her free time, Ms. Jang loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She even lived in Japan for one year, serving students in a college ministry. She also loves to read fiction books, workout, and explore new restaurants.

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