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More Patterns!

November 11, 2020 | Sossi Essajanian

This week the children thought deeper about patterns.

What is a pattern like?

How do you know that something is a pattern?

What makes something a pattern?

Patterns help children notice that things change over time, sometimes in a repeated, predicable way. By noticing, reading, and creating patterns, reasoning and logic skills begin to take shape.

Studying patterns help children notice regularities. This helps guide them to dig deeper and find the “rule” that is guiding the pattern. This is the key to crack the code.

There are many different types of patterns: growing, musical, alternating, number patterns.

The possibilities are endless!

How does a pattern work?

“I did purple, blue, purple, blue.”

What is a pattern?

“If you go red-blue-red-blue; it goes over and over and over again.”

Can a pattern be 3 colors?

“Maybe. It just goes over and over and over again.”

“My socks have a pattern! White, pink, white, pink!”

“Its a pattern. White, black, white, black.”

Sossi Essajanian

Teacher, Sky Class

Sossi Essajanian is excited to continue her teaching and learning journey at the Mustard Seed School. She began teaching at the United Nations International School where she worked with children and colleagues from around the world. This inspired her to take a primary teaching position abroad in Nicosia, Cyprus, where she lived and worked for two years.

Ms. Essajanian has a passion for supporting children’s social/emotional skills and learning through a loving and caring classroom community. These are built on creating shared understandings and opportunities for children to identify and express their feelings and of those around them. She believes in creating experiences through pair and group work where learning blossoms through social experiences.

Ms. Essajanian also enjoys reading and talking about books and continues to pursue her second passion: editing. She’s worked in various editorial capacities in newspapers, magazines, and books. She was recently excited to serve as the development editor of a children’s book about engineering and is looking forward to leading some tinkering investigations of her own with her students!

In her free time Ms. Essajanian runs, swims laps, and likes to take long walks to explore the world around her.

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