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Music Without Singing?!

February 3, 2021 | Clara Buckley

This week we welcomed a new teacher. Mrs. Mauldin visited on Zoom for our first live music class. Mrs. Mauldin is the music teacher for children from preschool up through 5th grade at Mustard Seed School. Our eyes were fixed on her and our ears attentive!

We listen to Mrs. Mauldin sing folk songs and games. We join in with rhythm and movement. We listen and watch carefully; to copy her motions, change from one motion to the next, tap and clap in time to the beat.

We move our bodies in big and small motions, practicing control over when to start and stop.

We make our bodies small and make them tall.

Mrs. Mauldin taught us a song about a mother duck and her 5 little ducks. One by one, the ducklings forget to come home when Mama Duck calls for them. She is very sad when no little ducks come waddling back. We make our faces match the way we feel.

We use our voices without singing. We learn to differentiate between a whisper, talking voice, and singing. We learn loud and soft, fast and slow, high and low.

We look forward to Wednesdays with Mrs. Mauldin.

Clara Buckley

Preschool Art Specialist; Middle School Art

Clara Buckley’s teaching spans the ages of Mustard Seed School, from the youngest students in the preschool to students in the graduating class. She’s found many similarities between teaching three-year-olds and thirteen-year-olds!

As an art teacher who never enjoyed drawing, Ms Buckley’s hope is that each child she teaches discovers a way to create art that they enjoy, whether it be sculpture, printing, textiles, architectural drawing, or collage.

Ms. Buckley loves living in Jersey City, a place whose diversity and welcome for immigrants reflects her own family experience. When planning future travel destinations, art, food, and time with family are featured items on her list.

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