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Ninety-four? Make it 100!

February 16, 2022 | Nancy Aberg

When the children happily learned that they had made 94 Valentine’s Day messages for our neighbors at the Hoboken Shelter they quickly did the math and determined that with just six more we can

make it 100!

Two students volunteered to do three more cards each during snack time to get us there!

Our second and third graders worked together to create a design on the envelope and when they finished everyone signed it.  We then added the names of the children who were not in attendance on Monday.




We also delivered some sweet treats, in honor of Valentine’s Day, and 100 single use toothbrushes.

Instead of our regular park time we walked together to Third & Bloomfield and delivered directly to the shelter.


On our way back to school we squeezed in a couple of tag games on the basketball court!

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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