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Notable American Project

February 24, 2021 | Melia McHugh

We have begun our study of Notable Americans in Social Studies. Students had a few days to browse biographies of notable Americans in their class during our Social Studies time. They wrote interesting facts they learned about the person on a post it. After browsing several books, students selected two Americans that they wanted to learn more about.

Later that week, students were assigned their Notable American and read the biography that was sent home over the 5 day break. Upon their return to school, students started to organize important events in their American’s life using a graphic organizer.


Using a graphic organizer helps students retrieve important details about the life of the American they are studying.

Students will use the information they gather to help them write 4 paragraphs about the Notable American’s life. Pictured above, is a handout that they received to help them start sentences in the first 3 paragraphs they will write. Students often find that sentence starters help them to get started and stay on track with their writing.


This week, students have started writing the biography. Many of them chose to start their introduction by asking a thought provoking question. For example: Have you ever been told that you couldn’t do something that you really wanted to do?

Then, they started to add information about what happened during the early and middle parts of the American’s life. Adding details, using their graphic organizer and sentence starter worksheet, has come easily for most students.


During art, students have been working hard thinking about what their Notable American looked like. They have done portraits which include many details.

This student is working on mixing watercolor pigments to find the correct skin tone for her Notable American.

They also have been designing puppets that they will add hair and a costume to. Pictured above is a sketch of an outfit for a puppet.

Your child has been working very hard to investigate and learn about the American that they chose. At the end of this unit, they will present what they have learned and created with their classmates. Through reading books, writing a biography, and incorporating art projects, they will have a solid understanding of the person that they studied and understand why we describe them as being Notable.

Melia McHugh

Teacher, Grade 2 Forests Class

Melia McHugh first started working with young children at a private school that cared for children from infancy through third grade while in her early teens. She enjoyed her experience working with all age groups, especially her time during college when she taught arts and crafts to kindergarten through third grade students during the summer camp season. After completing a degree in Anthropology and working as a trainer in the Human Resources industry, Ms. McHugh returned to her first passion and got a degree to teach and work with children again. After seven years of teaching high school social studies, Ms. McHugh decided to stay home with her two children.

Ms. McHugh and her husband discovered Mustard Seed School when it was time for their oldest son to enter kindergarten. Soon after he started school, she started to substitute teach at Mustard Seed and later worked part-time in the Nest and as a maternity leave replacement in grades four and five. Ms. McHugh enjoys watching every child, including two of her sons, thrive in the community and environment that Mustard Seed excels at providing for each and every student. When not at work, Ms. McHugh enjoys spending time at the beach or outdoors with her husband and three sons. Ms. McHugh also loves history, reading, and resting.

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