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Notable American Studies

March 9, 2021 | Chris Gasca

During this term, the students have been learning about Notable Americans in social studies as well as in art class. They have been studying in-depth many important figures in our American history.

In these pictures, you can see examples of what our second-grade students have been working on during their art project time. They are researching, writing about, and making puppets with artifacts about their Notable Americans. In these pictures, you see sculpted puppets with clothing made out of felt, buttons, ribbons, and so on of Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Jr, Alexander Calder, Helen Keller, Julia Morgan, and a few others.

Whether they were known for being great inventors, painters, Justice seekers, great athletes, or people that decided to be the first to do something amazing. One thing stands true for all of them. They all decided to step out of the norm and dared to be different, tirelessly following their dreams and the things that they believed to be true to them.  During this season the second grade chooses to honor all of these great men and women that helped make America the great nation that it is today. Thank you Notable Americans.

Chris Gasca

Assistant Teacher, Grade 2 Forests & Meadows Class: Assistant Teacher, Spanish

Chris Gasca first learned about Mustard Seed School through his wife, Clarissa, who is an alumna. Impressed with the education and the community, they enrolled their three children. Mr. Gasca saw firsthand the love, Godly character, and incredible skill of MSS teachers. He joined the staff as a substitute teacher in 2016 and felt right at home. Today he's an Assistant Teacher in the Forest Class and works with second and third grade students. He loves spending time with children in the park where he has been known to be a fierce competitor in foot races and team sports. He thoroughly enjoys building relationships with MSS students, especially learning beside them and helping them grow in character and self esteem. Whether through academics, extracurricular activities, or providing emotional support, Mr. Gasca always looks for the best way to invest in every single student.

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