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Number Stories Part 2!

June 16, 2021 | Felicity Greene

This week, the children continued working on their number stories. After deciding what the topic of their stories would be, the children began filling the page with their drawings.

The work done this week was all about finishing touches.  The children worked to add words to narrate their stories, color in their illustrations, and create a cover page.

After all of this work has finally been completed, it is time for the last step– publishing! The children were so proud to see all of their hard work come together to form a book, and were eager to share their stories with friends.

Today, some children continued to add finishing touches to their stories while some published their stories.

“It’s a real book, I published it!”

Six Cats 

By Abby

The Girl and Her Friends

By Solymar

One Little Caterpillar

By Cole

Keep an eye out Seesaw this week to see the rest of the completed number stories and to watch the children present their stories to their classmates!

Felicity Greene

Teacher, Sky Class

Felicity Greene joined staff in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a minor in Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies. During her student teaching placement, Ms. Greene immediately felt at home in the classroom and is delighted to now be working at Mustard Seed among such a supportive and stimulating staff.

Excited to work at a school where she is free to incorporate her faith, Ms. Greene facilitates expression and exploration of faith with her students in the Sky class. She’s passionate about the role of literature in a child’s development and interested in development in general. She’s grateful to work at a school that pays such close attention to developmental markers in children, as she views developmental awareness to be a vital tool in teaching and caring for each child.

Ms. Greene is also delighted to be back in New Jersey where she grew up, able to be close to her childhood church community and family, especially now that she is newly an aunt. Along with her love of teaching, Ms. Green is passionate about baking as well as ice skating, in which she has competed in both individual and team competitions for more than twelve years. In addition to competing, Felicity also enjoyed coaching both children and adults with the Special Olympics Figure Skating Program in West Orange, New Jersey for several years.

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