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One Hundred and Fifteen

November 20, 2021 | Nancy Aberg

Together, students created one hundred and fifteen unique Thanksgiving  greetings, get well wishes and prayers for our hospitalized neighbors at Hoboken University Medical Center.  The children worked with diligence and purpose, empathy and love.

So many cards required a very large envelope!  Victor volunteered to design the message and graphic on the envelope and everyone signed it.  Thursday afternoon we walked to the hospital.  On the short walk there the children took turns carrying the oversized package!

Upon arrival we were invited into the main lobby and delivered our package of cards to the attendant at the main desk.

On our walk back to school several students remarked that this was their first time visiting a hospital.  Others noted that there was one exception, when they were born!

We are so grateful to partner with you and share our afternoons with your children.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nancy Aberg, Mallory Curran & Maribel Mendez

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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