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Reading Small Groups!

February 3, 2021 | Rebekah Lowe

Students in second grade are reading!  A few times a week, students will meet in a small group.  They will read a book that is at their level along with others in the class.

In the beginning of a small group, students might look at some words and spelling patterns.  These are patterns that they will see in the book that they read.

Afterwards, students will read the book with the group.  Sometimes, they will read out loud with the group.  Other times, they may read silently or with a partner.  There is discussion about the book before, during, and after, to review what happened.

There might be days where students create timelines or look for the main idea with supporting details based on the book.

They might even create a Venn diagram to compare things they read about.

Students are reading for understanding, but they are also reading to be fluent and accurate.  Books are both fiction and non-fiction – they might also be biographies or fairy tales.

These small groups allow the students to practice their reading and comprehension as well as grow to be more confident readers.

Students have been enjoying the range of topics in reading groups.  In the Meadows Class, students were reading about extreme animals and bed bugs and are now starting to read some biographies in preparation for the Notable American unit that will be starting soon!

Rebekah Lowe

Teacher, Grades 2&3

Rebekah Lowe knew that she wanted to be a teacher ever since middle school when she was inspired by an English teacher who developed interactive games and creative acronyms for many of the topics that were discussed. Because of her teachers, Ms. Lowe attended the education program at the College of New Jersey, where she experienced a variety of classroom environments, and earned a teaching degree. She was also a part of the Education Honor Society. After graduating, Ms. Lowe taught English in South Korea, and during this time, she was able to travel around Asia and experience new cuisines and cultures. Her love of travelling increased, and she hopes to travel more in the future! She began her teaching career in the United States at Mustard Seed School in 2018 as a second and third grade teacher in the Meadows class. She’s excited to be a part of the school community and share her many experiences with her students.

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