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Reflection Week

February 10, 2021 | Chloe Ko

In the last unit of STEAM, the 4th graders completed the project called  “Voices of the People”. But instead of jumping right into the next unit, the class had a Reflection Week. Last week, the students took time to revisit the project and reflect on their processes and grades. STEAM projects have many parts to them: researching, planning, creating artwork, and presenting. And the students needed to pause and think about their own strengths and areas of growth. Here are some questions they thought about: Which of the following are your strengths in STEAM? Areas of growth? What’s challenging about researching? Planning? Presenting?


During that week, students were able to see what I see on a daily basis: areas where they shine and where they can grow in. This helped to set goals for themselves for the upcoming project and be more purposeful and take ownership of their learning.


As we continue to build this habit of reflecting, I hope that students can learn to love themselves for their own strengths and to keep striving to be the very best that they can be.



Chloe Ko

Teacher, Grade 5

Chloe Jang first developed a passion for children in high school when volunteering at her church’s children’s ministry. She learned how teaching with love and patience can have an impact on both student and teacher. Since then, Ms. Jang has received a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and English Language Arts from Hunter College. In New York City, Ms. Jang experienced diverse classroom environments, especially teaching fourth grade in West Harlem. She’s very excited to be a part of the Mustard Seed team and serve the community!

In her free time, Ms. Jang loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She even lived in Japan for one year, serving students in a college ministry. She also loves to read fiction books, workout, and explore new restaurants.

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