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Second Graders: Finishing Strong

June 16, 2021 | Melia McHugh

Even though we are in our final full week of school, Second Graders continue to work hard across all subject areas.


In math, they have started working on adding two, three-digit numbers. Many of them are very excited about this challenge! They are using the strategies of adding, 100s, 10s and 1’s and Sticker Notation to solve these more complex equations.




In the Forests class, students are writing advice to the incoming Second Grade class. The Meadows class students are writing fictitious stories. They are going through the writing process which includes: brainstorming, 1st rough draft, self editing, peer editing, 2nd rough draft, teacher’s check, and publishing. When their final draft is finished, we will bind the pages and present it to the First Grade. They are very excited about sharing advice about being nervous, asking questions, and making friends.



In Art, they have created and cut out patterns of an animal. They are sewing buttons onto these pieces to show eyes, nose, or other details. This week they will work on sewing the front and back pieces together and finally stuffing their project!



ANTS! All of the students were so excited when they came to school last Thursday and saw that we had another insect to study. The ants that we have are big enough that we are able to identify all of the body parts that we learned about and labeled in our “Plants and Animals” science packets. They have really enjoyed watching these worker ants dig out tunnels. We have even seen them bury the dead ants in the gel pellets that they excavated while making the tunnels.

We were also lucky enough to borrow a different type of ant farm from a class in the Nest. We saw the way those ants made tunnels and moved about their habitat.

Ask your child what they are enjoying most in the final weeks of school. What are they excited about? What will they miss? What are they looking forward to next year?

Melia McHugh

Teacher, Grade 2 Forests Class

Melia McHugh first started working with young children at a private school that cared for children from infancy through third grade while in her early teens. She enjoyed her experience working with all age groups, especially her time during college when she taught arts and crafts to kindergarten through third grade students during the summer camp season. After completing a degree in Anthropology and working as a trainer in the Human Resources industry, Ms. McHugh returned to her first passion and got a degree to teach and work with children again. After seven years of teaching high school social studies, Ms. McHugh decided to stay home with her two children.

Ms. McHugh and her husband discovered Mustard Seed School when it was time for their oldest son to enter kindergarten. Soon after he started school, she started to substitute teach at Mustard Seed and later worked part-time in the Nest and as a maternity leave replacement in grades four and five. Ms. McHugh enjoys watching every child, including two of her sons, thrive in the community and environment that Mustard Seed excels at providing for each and every student. When not at work, Ms. McHugh enjoys spending time at the beach or outdoors with her husband and three sons. Ms. McHugh also loves history, reading, and resting.

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