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Spruce Lake!

October 12, 2022 | Sam Martino

The middle school just returned from Spruce Lake and had a blast. Students spent three days and two nights at the Spruce Lake Retreat in Pennsylvania. The middle school took “outdoor” classes led by the camp. The classes covered everything from pond ecosystems to high ropes courses.

Students posing for a picture after breakfast.

Students and chaperones stayed in the “barn” and cabins at night. Each morning everyone would gather together and hike over to the camp cafeteria for breakfast. From there, students split into classes for camp activities.

Teather ball was a favorite downtime activity for some.

The 6th grade got to try the climbing wall and go on a waterfall hike. The 7th grade did a swamp hike and tried the power swing. 8th graders attempted the high ropes course and did the zip line.

Some 8th Grade students on the high ropes course.

Students gathered together for meals and could share their experiences with friends. The activities offered by the camp challenged students to work collaboratively and push themselves to try new things.

Classes gathered together at the “barn” to hike to the cafeteria.

After 3 days students were ready to say goodbye and packed up. Many students spoke on the bus about what they looked forward to next year.

Despite the mud, students played octopus tag before having lunch and classes.

Sam Martino

Teacher, Grade 8

Sam Martino is the 8th Grade homeroom teacher and Middle School Social Studies teacher. He graduated from Fordham University in 2014 with a bachelor of arts in history. Before joining the staff in 2015, Mr. Martino worked as a substitute teacher at Mustard Seed School. During his time as a substitute, he was able to work with every elementary and middle school class. Mr. Martino’s connection to Mustard Seed School goes back much further, however. He first connected with Mustard Seed in 1999 when he enrolled as a second-grade student. In 2006, Mr. Martino graduated from Mustard Seed School. His mother served as a member of the Board of Trustees, and Mr. Martino’s two brothers also graduated from Mustard Seed. A lifelong Hoboken resident, Mr. Martino is excited to continue working with students in a unique urban community. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, music, and movies. He can often be seen lugging instruments around town as he travels to and from practices and shows.

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