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Switching It Up!

October 28, 2020 | Felicity Greene

Last week, the children of the Sky Class finally introduced to the paint area of the studio!  This was met with much excitement and enthusiasm.  But soon, the children began asking, “What other colors are available at paint?”  This week their question was answered, and the answer was… red!

This week in paint, the children have been learning about the procedures for switching paint colors.  All of the steps are still the same, but the tricky part is remembering to swish, swish, swish, slide your brush in the water, and squish, squish, squish, glide your brush on the sponge to make sure that it is clean before beginning to paint with another color.

The children have been exploring the use of two different colors in their paintings.  First, the children were challenged to not mix the colors to practice the procedure of cleaning the brush before each color change.

“This is the red side, and this will be the blue side!”

But as the week went on, the children began to realize that they actually had three colors to work with; all they had to do was mix the blue and red together!

“Look! It makes purple!”

Once this discovery was made, the children explored the different shades of purple that they could create.

“Light, medium light, medium light, dark!”

“I made dots on the ball because it is a soccer ball.”                                                 

“I made an 8!”

The children have also made the exciting discovery that with more than one color, much more detail can be added to the paintings!


Check back in a few weeks to see what else the Sky Class children get up to in the paint area.

Felicity Greene

Teacher, Sky Class

Felicity Greene joined staff in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a minor in Children’s Literature and Childhood Studies. During her student teaching placement, Ms. Greene immediately felt at home in the classroom and is delighted to now be working at Mustard Seed among such a supportive and stimulating staff.

Excited to work at a school where she is free to incorporate her faith, Ms. Greene facilitates expression and exploration of faith with her students in the Sky class. She’s passionate about the role of literature in a child’s development and interested in development in general. She’s grateful to work at a school that pays such close attention to developmental markers in children, as she views developmental awareness to be a vital tool in teaching and caring for each child.

Ms. Greene is also delighted to be back in New Jersey where she grew up, able to be close to her childhood church community and family, especially now that she is newly an aunt. Along with her love of teaching, Ms. Green is passionate about baking as well as ice skating, in which she has competed in both individual and team competitions for more than twelve years. In addition to competing, Felicity also enjoyed coaching both children and adults with the Special Olympics Figure Skating Program in West Orange, New Jersey for several years.

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