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The Nutcracker

December 7, 2022 | Cindy Kuperus

On Monday, our class was treated to a special LIVE musical performance of The Nutcracker!

Piano teacher Ms. Yukiko Tanaka played several pieces of music from the ballet.

In between musical selections, Ms. Mauldin read the story of the Nutcracker. At times, Ms. Mauldin led us in movements reflecting the particular piece.

It was wonderful to hear, “I heard this music before!”

When we came back to the classroom, we shared some questions we had:

We found out the music was written in 1892, and the story, originally called The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. was written in 1816.

What a festive treat during this holiday season! We are so happy that Ms. Tanaka was able to come to this “in-school” field trip!  If you want to know more about the pianist, Yukiko, please take a look at her website.


Cindy Kuperus

Teacher, Grades 3&4

Ms. Kuperus attended a small Lutheran grade school and has always been a student in multi-grade classrooms. She became interested in teaching, in fact, when she would assist classmates when the teacher was busy helping others. Her 5th/6th grade teacher, Mrs. Roman, encouraged her to think broadly about the world beyond their small town (population: 500), giving stickers to those who could answer a question from the World News segment from television the night before. She would be thrilled to learn that Ms. Kuperus has taught internationally in Masaya, Nicaragua, and Chengdu,China.

After graduating from Calvin College, Ms. Kuperus taught students in grades two-six for almost 10 years in Kentwood, Michigan. In 1994, Ms. Kuperus sought a teaching position in a school in the Northeast, anywhere but New Jersey. She’s now taught for over 23 years in NEW JERSEY! Two of her former students, Becca Brasser and Sam Martino, are now on staff at MSS.

Ms. Kuperus loves opportunities to travel, interact with the people, and taste the foods of the world. She’s also a person who ‘travels” with the characters in the books she reads!

It’s important to Ms. Kuperus that people’s voices are heard and that their needs for shelter and food are met. To that end, she volunteers for organizations like First Friends and the Sharing Place.

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