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The Table is Set

September 17, 2022 | Nancy Aberg

We just wrapped up our first week together!

  • Some started their first music lesson or tutoring session
  • Everyone shared and then drew a favorite, memorable moment
  • We played Huckle Buckle Beanstalk –  a hide & seek game
  • We enjoyed company & conversation at snack time
  • Some brought a special item from home to share
  • Most finished their personalized backpack/coat hook label
  • We spent time at Church Square Park’s playground
    • Met with friends from school who don’t attend Extended Day
  • We played catch and running games at the field across from school
    • Some tried jump rope & hula-hooped for the first time
  • We celebrated our first birthday of the school year
    • We sang & toasted the birthday girl!
    • We played a round of musical chairs
  • And we inaugurated our first Feast Friday!

We call our Friday snack time, Feast Friday.  And it’s something we will do all year long!  Whether a Friday snack from home, and/or a special treat we prep and make together, we will sit together at one long table and eat, drink, reflect, share, and give thanks.

For our first Feast Friday, everyone helped to make a special treat that maybe you heard something about?  On Wednesday there was a big reveal for the main ingredient.  A covered bowl was presented and the children gathered and guessed what might be under there.

  • Is it…
    • donuts?  No.
    • popcorn?  No.
    • glue???!  Nope.
    • LEMONADE?  Almost!

Forty-three lemons were rolled, cut in half, and juiced on a stainless steel reamer in the making of the lemonade!

Not too sweet for some, too tart for others, and for many, just right!

Nancy Aberg

Extended Day Coordinator

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