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Welcome Back (again)!

April 22, 2020 | Abby Hall Choi

We are working our way through our new routines. Practicing something new-again.

Yesterday and today, I got to visit morning meetings and closing meetings. It is a joy to see everyone! Thank you for sharing your child and parts of your home with this community.

As we worked to develop this schedule, we intend this schedule to provide

  • more time for collaboration
  • increased interactions with friends and peers
  • Additional face-to-face time with teachers
  • space for asynchronous learning
  • time to work thoughtfully on assignments

There is a lot to navigate this week. We suspect we all might miss a meeting or show up in the wrong “spot.” When that happens, we will reach out and connect and hopefully laugh a bit.

For example- I forgot I was writing the blogs this week 🙂 . There is so much new.

I plan to survey students on Friday to learn more about what they are thinking in the new schedule. I will send out a survey for parents next week. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the 2 prior surveys. Your thinking offers formative data as we work to build “our bike.”



P.S. This is my current favorite meme about distance learning. I would love to see yours 🙂

P.P.S If you are wishing for a re-fresher, on our new schedule and reviewing participation guidelines, I turned the email I sent over spring break into a blog post.  Linked for 4th and 5th grade   and for 6th-8th grade.

Abby Hall Choi

Head of School

Abby Hall Choi has a Masters in Social Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a BA in Psychology and Elementary Education from Covenant College. She is also completing a Certificate in School Management & Leadership from Harvard University. As she helped lead Mustard Seed School’s NJAIS accreditation efforts and our most recent strategic plan development, she has gotten to apply and grow her learning. 

Ms. Hall Choi has worked as a fifth-grade teacher and a multi-grade fourth-fifth grade teacher. She has held several administrative roles including Middle School Director, Director of School Initiatives and Improvement, and Assistant Middle School Director.

She likes thinking about how people work together. She enjoys leading work and conversations that enable our community to thrive because we work through complex problems together.

Ms. Hall Choi values caring for the whole person. She believes it’s most important that everyone knows they are a child of God and loved all the time, no matter what. 

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