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We’re back! 2023!

January 4, 2023 | Rebekah Lowe

We are back!  It’s 2023.  We hope you enjoy this picture walk through of our first day back at school!

Students arrived at school, eager and excited to share about their Christmas break!  They did such fun things, like traveling to a different country or spending a day building a Lego set.

After sharing and worship, we had math.  Second graders learned a new game called Close to 20.  Then, they got to work in their workbooks and went onto IXL.

Third graders reviewed rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. They played a game using their skills, and then they worked on IXL.

After math, students got to eat their snack and share more about their break.

Following snack, we played a game of Four Corners and then 6 Corners!

Next, second graders learned and built compound words.

They also wrote their opinion on the prompt: “Would you rather have 1 big present or 3 small presents?”

Third graders reviewed the five ways to form and write the past-tense forms of regular present tense verbs. Then they used each of the rules to write the past-tense forms of 10 verbs.

Students had indoor park because of the rain, so we got to play with Legos, dominoes, and draw!

We read for DEAR after lunch.

After Spanish/Music, students started a new unit on the Cherokees.  We watched a video to introduce Cherokee people and their culture.

Following the video, each person wrote down 4 things they heard from the video about the Cherokees.

The class went to PE and began a new unit on basketball!

After hearing directions, students dribbled and passed a basketball to a friend.

At the end of the day, we came together for a closing meeting before we dismissed.  What a busy and fun day!

Rebekah Lowe

Teacher, Grades 2&3

Rebekah Lowe knew that she wanted to be a teacher ever since middle school when she was inspired by an English teacher who developed interactive games and creative acronyms for many of the topics that were discussed. Because of her teachers, Ms. Lowe attended the education program at the College of New Jersey, where she experienced a variety of classroom environments, and earned a teaching degree. She was also a part of the Education Honor Society. After graduating, Ms. Lowe taught English in South Korea, and during this time, she was able to travel around Asia and experience new cuisines and cultures. Her love of travelling increased, and she hopes to travel more in the future! She began her teaching career in the United States at Mustard Seed School in 2018 as a second and third grade teacher in the Meadows class. She’s excited to be a part of the school community and share her many experiences with her students.

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