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What does it mean to be “first” in “first grade?”

November 26, 2019 | Becca Brasser

What does it mean to be “first” in first grade?

Each day, on the morning message, the children rush to read the name at the bottom. 

Lorelei is first today.

Finley is first today.

Liam is first today.

Throughout the year, each child will get many opportunities to be “first”.

But what does it mean? What does the “first person” do? 

Let’s ask the children:

What do you have to do if you are first?

“It’s a good responsibility and hard because you have to lead the class to the right spots.”

“At the end of the day you get to feed the pet and count how much days of school we had!”

“You get to be in front of the line after park is over and when we go to park. All the time you get to be in the line.  At lunch time you get to sit in a chair and lead the prayer. And then ring the chimes and turn on the lights when it’s time to talk with your friends at lunch.”

“You help the teachers by holding the doors.”

Being “first” is a responsibility and a privilege. Let’s find out some of the privileges of being first:

What is the best thing about being first?

“You get to choose your own partner for snack and walking to park.”
“You get to choose where you want to sit for snack!”
“You get to feed the pet!”
“I think going in the loft to read!”

Many children begin the year believing that the first child to arrive at school gets to be “first” for the day.  Actually, each class rotates through the class list, so that everyone gets the same number of turns.

What a great way to cultivate the idea that leaders have privileges as well as responsibilities! 

Becca Brasser

Teacher, Grade 1

Becca Brasser has been teaching first grade at Mustard Seed School since 2002. She’s passionate about teaching children to read, write, experiment, and take risks as they explore the world around them. Her own studies (including a Master of Arts degree from New Jersey City University) have given her expertise and experience in the area of literacy education.

Ms. Brasser especially enjoys taking her students on field trips all over the New York Metropolitan area, traveling on foot, subway, bus, commuter train, and ferry. Some favorite trips: the Hudson Hike, the New York Transit Museum, and the Central Park Zoo to study penguins.

Although she lives in the city, Ms. Brasser loves escaping to nature and finding it in her everyday life as well. She loves to explore rivers and lakes, woods and mountains with her husband Matt, their daughter, Annika, and son, Theo.

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