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Wow!! Look at them now! ¡Mírenlos ahora!

April 26, 2023 | Tania Oro-Hahn


This is a fun time of year in Spanish classes.  The students have gained so much proficiency that students can sustain longer conversations about our stories and are beginning to see how much they can do with reading, writing, and speaking.

Fourth grade is now moving faster and needing less support and vocabulary building prior to reading and completing reading comprehension assignments. 

Fifth grade finished their class reader and are now engaging in a series of short stories that will strengthen essential grammatical structures to further develop fluency and comprehension. I hope the series of short stories will help them further internalize language structures so they can communicate with greater ease. The new short stories will also become an opportunity for them to develop independent writing skills. They are already writing some now. They will get faster by the end of the term.



Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude.  I love teaching your kids. I love being in class with them and challenging them, helping them gain a new language and a new way of seeing things.

The classroom is a special place and I am privileged to help your child grow emotionally, socially, linguistically, academically. Thank you for your trust and support. ¡Muchas gracias!




Tania Oro-Hahn

Spanish, Grades Two through Eight; Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Señora Oro-Hahn was drawn to Mustard Seed School because of its mission to serve an economically and racially diverse community. Teaching students has been a part of Sr. Oro-Hahn’s life for the past 30 years. Prior to working at Mustard Seed School, she worked with college students through InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. She has a passion for helping students grow spiritually and linguistically. Sr. Oro-Hahn’s goals as a teacher are to create a loving classroom community so that students will understand the perspective of other cultures, be brave, and take a risk in speaking Spanish, realizing how fun it is to use language. As a language teacher, Sr. Oro-Hahn strives to make work seem more like play, and so she often uses games, skits, and group activity in the classroom. She loves to mentor students.

Sr. Oro-Hahn uses her art background to help students illustrate poetry, and develop creative dramatic ways to communicate in Spanish.

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